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Italy Part 9 - Travel to Sicily

Now we go for the clear colors of azure sea, a fragrance blooming garden for some great experiences, in general, go for happiness! And happiness is just around the Italian "boot" and it is called - the island of Sicily.Tourist, who decided to rest for the first time in Sicily, will be very difficult. In the sense that he would have literally torn to all parts just to have time to see all the wonders of this island. So we decided to try to identify all the places, all the cities and places of interest that can not fail to see, once you have decided to visit Sicily.

Hello, dear. It is with deep sadness that must tell you that our television suffered a very serious loss, unfortunately, we have lost some of their viewers, and, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. Summer is in full swing, it's time to leave, the temperature gradually increases, and the ratings are falling dramatically, but I still hope that a distant foreign land my loyal and regular viewers have the opportunity, and most importantly, the desire to touch the large, no, to the great and pure art called "shiftless notes".All right, I think for many guessed where all these beauties are. As it is not know? Yes, I thought better of you. Well, I give a hint: that's the blue sea, white ship here, that's orange paradise, here are the most conventional wisdom souvenirs. Not, in any way? Well, well, go ahead. These are the children of one of the towns, like the heroes of one of the films of Francis Ford Coppola.

Here towering over all this magnificence mountain emitting smoke - a thousand-volcano erupted more than once. Well, well? Ah, Valentine Adamovna what you clever, right - it's Sicily! Beautiful southern Italian Sicily. Even Johann Goethe - a very well-known authority, which is trust - for Sicily said: "Italy is not complete without Sicily, Sicily - is the key to everything!" And this statement is absolutely true, because on the one hand, that is, if you look out of Italy, Sicily is the southern part of Italy, but on the other hand - if you look at Italy from Sicily - then it will be not quite Italy ... And the fact that Sicily from the mainland "boot" separates the narrow strait, very symbolic.Residents of the island of Sicily with the stubbornness of saying, "we first Sicilians, and then the Italians," and despite the fact that Sicily is directly under the "boot" of Italy, it does not make it "podkabluchnitsey." 

Sicily proud and independent.In general, their identity and separateness Sicilians carefully preserved, because Sicily and today - as decades ago - a very patriarchal. And some imagined-esthete or a resident of the northern Venetian - fashionable advanced - Milan, condescending grimaced: "Sicily? Oh, what are you, this is such a province. " Yes, gentlemen, you are right - it is a province, but this is its main charm!All right, I end their protracted opening statement. Now the main thing and the main resort of Sicily - Taormina is. In Taormina seemed affected Sicily, its history, its beauty. 

This beauty so old, let alone the old-timers can not remember her age. But I, as a connoisseur of all the stories of the world, I know for sure - Taormina was born in 396 BC.Greeks, located on the coast of his first colony, called Giardini Naxos, envious eyes glancing at the impressive silhouette of the mountain Taura - it was too beautiful a landscape. And the Greeks were not the Greeks, if passed by such beauty, but they are not passed by and founded on a beautiful hillside town of Taormina. And as every intelligent man, the Greeks, especially if they are old, first built the theater.

Greek Theatre in Taormina and to this day is the current scene. Warm ancient stones at hand, the southern sky above, excellent acoustics, which does not require microphones views of Etna eruptions that accompany their theatrical performances. Oh, it's tempting to be a spectator in a theater!In addition to performances, concerts, there is the famous competition "Girls for the cinema" - when it come to Taormina beauties from all over Italy. And in the present day, - there you can see the screen - film festival. 

Public curiosity looks for another face in the crowd of media. Walking on Taormina, we met the Italian General Valery darling Marina, accompanied by friends. All three of them were trying to be unrecognized and turned away from the cameras.In fact, the history of Taormina - a piece of layer cake the history of Sicily. Layer of the Greeks, then a layer of the Romans, the Visigoths of seasoning, the Byzantine layer, a layer of the Saracens, and finally, fresh cream roses with cream - this is when the XVIII century Taormina became fashionable European resort. It is here fleeing from the gray, dank and depressing European winter. Flock here for the bright colors of the sea and the smell of blooming gardens, in general - they come here for happiness.

Today, 10,000 people are going through a season of Taormina tourists coming 10 times the townspeople in size. Of course, the crowds are deprived of charm narrow medieval streets of Taormina, but taormintsev these big tourist flock in fact - employers. After all, the population of this small town is working on tourism, and feeds them. Taormina itself is only in the morning, when it was covered tourist. It was at this time, you can see and feel the real Taormina. In this middle-aged noble face of Taormina, unhurried gait, she likes to sit in the quiet streets of his home, doing some artless work, but barely hearing the clatter of hundreds of tourist hooves, wait it out a depth of invasion in their old courts.

"Beauty Taormina - she does not know the transitional tones. Great work of art and nature "- is not I say, Goethe. "Taormina down to the bay, as if rolling the mountain" - again, I do not, alas, and Maupassant. But after all the classics, whether Goethe, Maupassant or wings then, they are classics, to leave behind, such as a non-vanishing value of my "bad egg notes" - I said immodestly, but, in fact, true.So, we are in Sicily - the Ionian coast near Taormina. Small resort town on the coast smoothly and imperceptibly into one another. Hotels of this resort mainly three or four star, and to have affordable prices. 

Those who primarily appreciate comfort, and among our fellow citizens of the favorites of not a few, and so they choose five stars.This here is a five stars hotel offers a beautiful, well-kept green area with several terraces for relaxation, a private beach, swimming pool, all kinds of different entertainment for holidaymakers public. But it is absolutely inexcusable, I would say, crime, came to Sicily to flop on the hotel beach and forget all turn off the brain.No, of course, rest by the sea has a wonderful and hotels for every taste, but if you want only this time it's better to choose other places. 

Sicily can give much more and sin not to use it! Do not disconnect your brain.As for the evening, as rightly sung in the song: "How delightful evening in Sicily." For lovers of romantic glamor and both sexes are always arranged gourmet dinners in wonderful scenery. Sea, full moon, Etna, which here takes precedence over everything, candles and ... "in front of those eyes." Well, in general, a full sweetie naborchik for complete romance or hard-boiled cynic, which, incidentally, to the same extent in women causes suspicion and distrust, and this is - right.

I noticed a suspicious cluster of beautiful girls around. I do not catch it then what? I thought. It turned out that not a trick, just once a year in Sicily "in the Greek Hall, in the Greek Hall" ie in the theater of Taormina is a national competition «Perla Cinema» or "girl for a movie."But in anticipation of this exciting event, and beauty come to Sicily - it's also a chance, and, having won, any Italian can turn Cinderella into a princess film, theater or fashion. Well, enough is enough with your sweet life «dolce vita», it's time to think about the soul. In the sense that it is time to fill it - ie soul - feelings, and a head filled with knowledge.Several years ago in Sicily was made an amazing find, has become a sensation in the world. 

During excavations, archaeologists came across a huge Roman villa - Villa del Casale. Scientists can only roughly be called the age of the Roman cottage, but it's probably II or III century BC, but the mosaics on the villa, beautifully preserved. Scientists were shocked - a priceless gem. It is believed that this was the summer residence of a Roman consul, probably this one. Most likely, the hosts came here just for a couple of months a year.Villa del Casale in scale, luxury, interior is as good as today's palace on our ruble. 

And can you imagine a thousand years of commercials, what our descendants will find mosaics during excavations of our - Rublev - palaces? I think that will also be affected as much as you - sir. But one of the most beautiful and famous mosaics of the villa - a girl in a bikini. Is not it amazing? I recall - it III century BC, and the girls were in bikinis. And you say, say, archeology - it's boring.Great Francis Coppola knowingly chose this place for the filming of "The Godfather." It is these small villages and towns lost in the mountains and hills and keep the real soul of Sicily. 

The village of Baltic herring in the local church wedding scene was shot Apollonia Vitelli and Michael Corleone, but this tiny bar was also a place for the film.Now the bar - is a legendary place, come here specifically to drink one cup of coffee. The old lady at the bar, I think, remember not only cinematic scenes shot here, but the real life stories of the Mafia. Only here to talk on the Sicilian mafia oh how hard.A feeling that there is still followed the law Omerta - the conspiracy of silence that made the Mafia invulnerable. Retreat from omerta punishable by death. 

By the way, the prosecutor Giorgio Falcone - I told you about it - the first time in the history of the struggle against the Mafia had made sure to nab mobsters broke the law of omerta. Falcone was able to convince the authorities that the people testifying against the Mafia, and their families, must be defended and protected. In so doing he has dispelled the fear of some clans revenge Sicily.Here in Salak we met Nino Ukkino (Nino Ucchino) - This artist works with metal, and although his work is not always just read, they are unexpected and unusual, but always emotional. 

Nino works can be seen in the whole of Sicily, and where I met them either - on the waterfront of Messina, on the streets of Palermo or in a tiny village, they will know right away.Here is a panel on the side of the mountain - a tribute of recognition and respect for the great director: here the person with the camera, which reflects the blue sky and floating clouds. I think it's poetic and symbolic. And this monument Nino was not finished and he devotes his dead children of Beslan. He says that the idea suggested to his Russian friend, and in May will be the grand opening of the monument.

Sicily was and still is very patriarchal, and it is more dignity than disadvantage. Sicilian farmer all his life may engage in some one thing, over the years to perform one simple operation. Simple work not in terms of its ease of implementation, I mean the physical work, and thus it would not occur to curse fate-villain for a failed life. He will not be malicious, sit back and ruin oneself by drink, and will not just do a good job - she feeds him - and will do it with pride in their skills. It does not matter whether he grows oranges or lemons, does that make wine from their grapes, whether cooking cheese.

Here is a small example, dairy business - to feed the whole family. One kilo of ricotta cheese on the market is eight euros, and the day you can get 20 - 25 pounds. Of 10 pounds of milk per kilogram obtained ricotta, milk and also from his farm. And to ensure that the cheese was more firm and fragrant baked it, but rather smoked for hours.Leafing through the tourist brochure in Sicily, I read: "Palermo - a charming town", and so on. "Cefalu - a charming town" Well, later in the same spirit, "Montreal is great, Taormina - a real gem." No, after just such descriptions, and then to go anywhere you do not want. 

That, you know, as we have in the market Podlipki at all price labels assigned "very sweet strawberry", "very sweet cherry", "very sweet peach", and once doubt creeps.So you'd better ride for yourself and your own eyes, and all the other six senses, make sure that Sicily is very sweet, oh, a real jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. Well, good luck, bye! Don your Krylov, that means reducing your DC.Ltd. "Travel Tips" on the order of "First Channel", Russia, 2008.
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