Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Austria Part 1 - Tourism in Austria

Tourist trip to Austria
Austria - a small country that is worth to see and visit. You can log in to our site, with you I - Eric - and today we're going to acquaint you with the home of many great men, such as Mozart.
Austria - a small predominantly mountainous country, which is about half the size of Switzerland and slightly smaller than the state on Main - Germany. Vienna is the capital of the country, located on the Danube River. Vienna is by far the best place in the country for a night hanging out and it means everything, literally ranging from opera to techno! Salzburg - the most beautiful city in Austria, which is also the birthplace of Mozart.
I thought the city teeming places and people - should be an integral part of Austria. You can go to Austria, in its old streets and enjoy the music festivals, which are the most famous in the world, or just spend some time to enjoy the pleasures of the other Austrian city.
Here you can feel a mild climate Burda, if not to go in the season. Summers are hot in all of Austria, both in Vienna and in other low-lying cities. Temperature during each summer day uncomfortably hot - all this is from June to August, the winter here is cold - below zero in January and February.
Ski season opens in the Alps, runs from December to April, but the mountains are also popular with hikers and climbers during the summer, when the weather is usually warm. Here you can enjoy some of the most popular sports. In the heart of Austria in the three main ranges of the Alps - in the northern, central, and southern Alps are different competitions.
Austria has always been a melting pot of creative ideas and a variety of artistic and architectural styles. Among the local cultural heritage and museum quarter thrives pretentious modernity, as nine of the largest complexes in the world of art, which have as many as several institutions, they contain the words of some of the great masters. Palaces and public buildings in Austria reflects the wealth and power of its past rulers.
Austrian cuisine is often confused with Viennese cuisine, in addition to it, there are many native regional traditions. Austrian cuisine has long been under the influence of mainly Italian variations. Austrian cuisine is known primarily in the rest of the world for its sweets and pastries, as well as for its beer and coffee.
In the Austrian cities always have a lot of tourists and visitors - this country is not only known as one of the leading countries in the region, but as the keeper of the amazing historic buildings, world-class museums and many art galleries. Here are and breathtaking scenery, amazing hiking trails and more. In search of European culture and scenery worth visiting Austria - it will leave everyone happy who come here!
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