Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Australia Part 7 - Flying over Australia

Flight over Australia.
Beautiful video, stunning photography, gorgeous scenery with altitude, amazing attractions - all in one place and nowhere else. Discover the magnificent Australia! Australia - is the southernmost continent. Australia - the smallest continent. Australia - the lowest and driest continent. Australia - it is the only continent in the world, the state!
Did you know that Australia is approximately equal to the U.S., but not including Alaska? True, it has enough dry climate, which is why many in the country of deserts.
Is there any other continent in the world more arid than Australia? No, because 2/5 the area of ​​the continent occur in semi-desert and desert.
Does anyone else in the world other places where land and water are in such a strong imbalance? No, only in Australia.
Is there any other continent, with its unique flora and fauna? No, because Australia has long been cut off from the other continents, so here is the amazing variety of species!
Is there yet another part of the world is so different from other continents? No, because Australia is the only continent inhabited by people in the southern hemisphere.
Is there yet another so remote from the European continent, which settled the Europeans? No, because Australia discovered and colonized the latest!
Is there a continent on Earth forming the border? Yes, this is - Australia? Amazing Australia.
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