Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Australia Part 6 - Ayers Rock (Uluru)

Majestic Ayers Rock (Uluru), the administrative district of the Northern Territory, Australia.
Shrine of Aboriginal Australia - Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock (or Uluru), is considered a sacred place in the original inhabitants - Aborigines - Australia. In escaping the sun, or at dusk or at dawn, Ayers Rock looks like a stretched out in the middle of the desert giant piece of glowing, red-hot magma. Ayers Rock, the sacred rock of the fifth continent - Australia - in the evening, at sunset, the sun emits pure red light! It is an amazing sight, but in fact Ayers Rock is composed of sandstone. This colossal sandstone - the breadth over 2.9 kilometers and a length of more than 3.6 kilometers in height as the mountain rises to as much as 350 meters. Ayers Rock is located in the south-west of Alice Springs, it is considered as one of the largest rock monolith in the world, and the most holy place in Australia.
 The History of the Australian mountains
History of Uluru goes back in time - more than 600 million years ago - when the Australian weathered sedimentary rocks of the mountains, in its depth to form a huge lump of sandstone, which later - about 400 million years ago - under enormous pressure from the depths, was driven to the surface land.
That's what, a new mountain - Ayers Rock, whose walls are perfect for thousands of Polish with hot sun and Australian winds. Similarly, any and located 30 kilometers south-west, 36 circular stone tops. Here, on the south-west of Ayers Rock, is another attraction of Australia - the brilliant blue-violet Mount Olga!
Name of Ayers Rock gave grief first English-speaking settlers, naming it in honor of one of the first Prime Minister of Australia. Mount Olga was also called not long ago English-speaking residents of Australia. Australian Aborigines is, first inhabited the continent for thousands of years called this place completely different. For them, Ayers Rock is called Uluru, which means "the place that gives the shadow." Mount Olga is an Aboriginal called Kata Tjuta, which means "many heads." Uluru and Kata Tjuta are now are part of the National Park Uluru.
Ancient myths of Australian Aborigines
The mountains are sacred places for Aboriginal Australia. This was the ancient myths say: Rocks emerged early in life, they were created by the same spirits who have created many other mountains, rivers, animals, plants, and even people! One of the finest Aboriginal legend is as follows: a fairy tale tells of an ancestor, who decided to create a set of sandstone, a sleeping whale. It was formed and Uluru. Aboriginal legend called "The Four Dreams".
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