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Australia Part 5 - Guide to Sydney

Guide to Sydney, Australia.
National Geographic Channel
Hi, I am Rioters Farley and welcome to chasing time.

Sydney it’s a major the biggest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia for forty million people!
Therefore debate is old and he’s the region the city center first for the surprising that the court room here is more work to live families to work.

Unsurprisingly three cities cinnamon toast boats and boating play he taught in life here. There were two hundred thousand votes morning many marine is situated around the city. As you know the time and the money expended every day cruising Sydney’s basin harbors members.

Most famous landmarks for Dennison and Shark Island porters and served as a present before being turned into a corner defense against Russian invasion in the late eighteen hundreds.

The fish market has the largest seafood market in the southern hemisphere and sell them for a one hundred different species to the fish connoisseurs of Sydney. Approximately seventy thousand heroes ourselves around the one hundred and seventy you registered buyers every morning. Vehicles page images helped launch Australian Club design is on the international catwalk. Made a top designer stores could be found here from the city’s trendy Paddington Eh.

Paddington fighting to know what panel as it’s known as the village in the city. It’s where people come to hangout and he seemed. But our house museum which has in the course dress is the largest museum in Australia, containing some three hundred maybe thousand items. And will arrest costume is part of the festival records exhibition. Upon nicer greatest life saving builders in the World formed in nineteen oh six. Today how much of the hundred years later lifeguards are still but on the beach saving unsuspecting swimmers from treacherous waters.

Climbing Sydney Harbor Bridge is not as difficult as it sounds. Systems which clam up and as a business in nineteen ninety eight over half a million people a scaled the one hundred and thirty-four meter seventy-year-old structure and paid upwards of one hundred twenty-five destroying Australian dollars for the privilege.
In Sydney Venue wine drinking cultures of parents cities numerous trendy restaurants and wine bars like the Wind Bangkok. 

Since the sixties as truly has shed its image as a nation of beer drinkers drummer Jim on the World’s largest one exporting nations. Chasing Time… in Sydney!

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