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Australia Part 2 - Types of Brisbane

Australia Part 2 - Types of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Come to Brisbane and you'll discover a region that is not only filled with energy, you'll also find endless entertainment for every taste!
Brisbane - the city of the New World
Huge and progressive, dynamic and diverse, Brisbane appear before you in all ways. Tourists and local residents can enjoy here with the best culinary delights, wine, amazing art, lots of entertainment and major sporting events. All this surrounded by the unique nature of the subtropical climate. In Brisbane fun to go shopping, to see unique views of the city at night, and there is no end in sight to all adventure and discovery, which you can see here. For example, sailing, surfing, hot-air balloon or just a few trips!
Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, it is the third largest city in Australia. Brisbane was once a provincial town, but now he's big enough, in our time Brisbane is deservedly one of the most desirable places to live in all of Australia. Perhaps because of this, the city's population is growing at huge rates: weekly Brisbane increased by more than a thousand people! "The city of the new world" - this is officially called themselves Australians Brisbane. In the city a lot of office buildings, and the number of skyscrapers in Brisbane may well compete even with New York. But not only offices and skyscrapers can be seen here - the city has a huge variety of bars and restaurants, discos and just ordinary places to stay. Tourists will like the city very unique nature and its beautiful national parks, where you can, for example, pat a koala or climb on one of the bridges, or simply enjoy the magnificent views of Brisbane!
Brisbane Attractions
In fact, Queensland, attended by most tourists coming to Australia. It is not far from Brisbane is the most beautiful coast, so most residents are employed in the tourism industry. To the south of Brisbane is the Gold Coast region, or "Gold Coast", which is considered a paradise for surfers from around the world! Coast north of Brisbane is called "Sunny Beach" and it is even more perfect: you can deal with all possible kinds of sports.
As for the Brisbane, the surprisingly beautiful panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed from Mount Coot-tha, which is located only 6 kilometers from the city center. Here is the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Planetarium. Of course, you can get to the top of the mountain by car, but this includes hiking and biking trails, and even mountain tracks for climbing! In general, with regard to hiking, Brisbane is probably one of the ideal cities for them - there are easy and convenient to travel on their own. Another very popular destination for mountain climbs a mountain range Scenic Rim. Scenic Rim - a huge group of forested mountain ranges, located on the border between the south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales.
You can visit the nature reserve and the Lone Pine Koala (Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary), which is one of the ten best zoos in the world! This amazing natural reserve known as the "Koala Park" - it is the oldest and largest in Australia and around the world to preserve koalas. Lone Pine Koala is located in FIG metry Pocket (Fig Tree Pocket), which is located in the city of Brisbane. The park was opened in 1927, and currently has a population of koalas more than 130 individuals. The reserve is home to over 100 species of other Australian animals such as kangaroos, Tasmanian Devil, wallabies, wombats, echidnas and a variety of reptiles, as well as numerous birds: Australian parrots, cockatoos, emus, kukkabarry and many others. Here are present platypus and marsupial Australian rodents.
Another very popular city zoo is Alma Park (Alma Park Zoo). In truth, he is not such a wonderful zoo compared to Lone Pine Koala. Alma Park looks decent dilapidated, and the "range" of little animals are not especially wide compared to the Koala Park, however, there is a fun and interesting animal - the albino wallaby.
Bridge Story Bridge is considered the hallmark of Brisbane and one of the "postcard species" of the city - on the bridge can be anyone who wants to climb on his farm. It should be noted that this pleasure is not for the faint hearted, however, the view that will be! Travel over the bridge takes about 2.5 hours, and upon its completion is issued proof of your heroic deed certificate.
Among the architectural monuments of the city traditionally include Brisbane City Hall and King George Square, you can still visit the Houses of Parliament, the Commissioner or warehouses (warehouses were built in 1829 and is the oldest building in the city) or Gothic church, which is located on Albert Street .
In Brisbane, you can see a collection of fine arts. To do this, visit the Cultural Centre in Brisbane (Brisbane Cultural Precinct) - an area where there are numerous art galleries, exhibition halls and museums of contemporary art. By the way, can be found in Brisbane and the "paranormal", for example, you can communicate with ghosts in special sightseeing tours with a guide, a specialist in the other world.
From Brisbane to get to Moreton Bay and to get to his beautiful island: here you can watch the dolphins and even whales, or just drive on the sandy beaches on the jeep, as you can see on the island of St. Helena once lived prisoners simply by visiting a modern winery Sirromet. However, and the local wine is also not refuse.
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