Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Australia Part 11 - Rottnest Island

Journey to Rottnest Island. Western Australia - Spring Rottnest in Western Australia.
Rottnest Island stunningly beautiful, it is removed only 25 minutes drive from Fremantle - about 18 miles. On Rottnest Island, located in Western Australia, you can get on the ferry. Based on the voting right here are some of the best beaches in all of Australia. Photographs of the flora and fauna are available in the video.
How to get to Rottnest, where to stay and what needs to be done tourist - What about this do not worry! Enough to take a ferry from either Perth or from Fremantle. The island also will feature all kinds of accommodation, from camping to villas overlooking the beach.
Amazing Rottnest Island
Located off the west coast of Australia, Rottnest Island is one of the most remote and unique ecosystems in the world. By itself, Rottnest Island is small - only 19 square kilometers in area (the width of the island is 4.5 kilometers, and at length it about 11 kilometers). Rottnest is located 18 kilometers from the coast of Western Australia in Fremantle.
Permanent residents Rottnest about 300 people, but the 1950-mentioned period, the island became a resting place for many tourists. During the season he is visited by as many as 15 thousand people! On the island of Rottnest found remains of human activity has left 6500-30 000 years ago. It is a striking fact considering that when Europeans discovered the island, it was completely uninhabited.
In 1838, at the Rottnest Island Aboriginal prisoners were sent, this ancient penitentiary remained here until 1931. A little later, Rottnest has become a place for recreational tourism. It should be noted that during the first and second world wars, the island was a concentration camp.
Rottnest is one of the few places in the world where the wild lives kvokka (short-tailed wallaby).
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