Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Australia Part 10 - City of Perth

Official video of the Australian city of Perth
The official video from the shores of Western Australia, which shows you the wonderful city of Perth!
Perth - Western Australia's Centre
Western Australia is small enough populated, and its attractions are located at a considerable distance from each other. In Western Australia, of course, in the first place is to visit its capital - the city of Perth. Perth is located near the sea on the River Stone. "Most single city in the world with millions of people" - so kidding themselves Australians about their city. However, in the very city residents rather carefully preserve all the old buildings, and here you can visit and Art Gallery and the Museum of Western Australia.
At 260 kilometers from Perth, in the middle of a sandy desert, the ancient fossilized remains of an extinct wood - so-called "Pinnacle". This area belongs to the part of the Nambung National Park. Here, from Perth, it can take a day trip - it will be worth that.
Almost a symbol of Western Australia Wave Rock is a rock, which is located south-east of Perth. Scala is a rather long, smoothly polished block, which is really like a frozen sea wave that spills out onto the beach!
Roads in Western Australia
It should be noted that in most of Western Australia is small enough roads. There are, however, Highway 1, which basically runs along the coast, but in general very few roads connect the cities of Western Australia with one another, and to remote villages is even more difficult to reach. These settlements include the city of Kalgoorlie gold miners, gold mining in it survives to the present. The nearby town of Coolgardie is almost completely lost its original meaning.
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