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Australia Part 1 - Types of Melbourne

Australia Part 1 - Types of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Melbourne - the most wonderful and beautiful city in the world! Of course, it is slightly smaller than Sydney, but is considered one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Australia. Melbourne almost European city - even the very first settlers of the love of the distant homeland strongly left their mark on the face of the second largest city of Australia.
Melbourne base
Melbourne founders were farmers, herders, and of course, gold prospectors. Melbourne in its history was the eternal rival Sydney. Historically, Sydney and Melbourne could be called brethren, though a bit younger Melbourne Sydney, although it looks older. Very long period of the two cities were fighting for the right to be the capital of Australia? For decades, this was the indomitable struggle, but in 1913 became the seat of government Canberra.
The first settlers, being in Australia, settling in Sydney, and only 15 years after the arrival of the first settlers in 1805, farmers from England settled in 700 kilometers south of Sydney, at a place called Phillips Bay. Later, of Phillips Bay and there was a city that was named Melbourne. In fact, till the land was in these places is very difficult, besides Aboriginal Australia was almost impossible to get engaged in the cultivation of the land. Largely because of this, many peasants in search of a better life for good luck went further inland Australia. Only in 1835, in the region of Melbourne were first ranchers that came the second wave of settlers. The real influx of people began only after 1850, when in the vicinity of Melbourne found gold!
Gold mining in Melbourne
After the discovery of gold in Melbourne, it's time to rise and unbridled prosperity. Today in the town of former miners home to three and a half million inhabitants. Despite the increased area in Melbourne preserved old districts, which are created in the Victorian and Edwardian architecture. These styles were characteristic of the architecture of London XIX and early XX centuries. Of course, in the other - new areas of Melbourne - there are buildings of the modern type.
In 1840, in Melbourne, directly from England, moved to the residence of the provincial governor Living Victoria! In Australia, stone by stone, raised in England, analyzed into its component parts mansion. This was done in honor of the observance of traditions, which had not been in these lands. Currently, Government House is open for visits and excursions. In 1934, Yorkshire (UK), Melbourne has been delivered by sea is another curious relic - the home of the world famous pioneer and explorer James Cook. Today, the house is decorated with one of the parks of Melbourne. This interesting house is called "Captain Cook's Cottage"!
Culture of Melbourne
In fact, not only in the English heritage in shaping Melbourne. Numerous immigrants from China greatly enriched the city, rebuilt here a Chinatown. But there is in Melbourne and immigrants from Europe. For example, Mediterranean style can be seen in the neighborhood Little Italy, where there are numerous cafes, pizzerias, shops and spaghetti, and more. Quarter of Richmond in Melbourne is generally considered the Greek because of the huge number of Greeks living here. Here lives the third largest population of Greeks after Athens and Thessaloniki! Not far away and Little Saigon, where literally everything is full of Vietnamese shops and restaurants.
Things to do in Melbourne
On City Square are wonderful fountains, you can get there and speeches mimes, acrobats, musicians and more! You can also enjoy the rest of summer in numerous restaurants and cafes. At the City Square regularly hosts free shows, rock concerts, dances, and even theater productions that always attract large crowds and youth.
In Melbourne, the atmosphere of the city seems quite comfortable thanks to the trams, which in many other cities of the world seem to be on the verge of extinction. It should be noted that the trams in Melbourne is not usual modern, namely the old, with wooden benches, mainly green and still rumbling on rail joints, but they are, strangely enough, and creates a special comfort. Elton John during his visit to Melbourne so hard hit by the charm of this ancient exotic, even immediately bought one of these wonderful centenarians trams. True tram had to be transported to San Francisco on the ship, where he is still in the garden of a private house.
Australian Aborigines in Melbourne
In the Victorian Arts Centre featuring the work of Australian artists, including many works and Aboriginal Australia. Among the museum's treasures is Melbourne and vintage aircraft, and a stuffed racehorse Phar Lap, and the sailing ship "Polly Woodside", built in Ireland in 1885.
In March in Melbourne, annual parades and events, theatrical and musical performances. This time of year here is loved by all the inhabitants of the legendary Moomba Festival. The word "Moomba" means "go have fun" and comes from the language of the indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia.
Of course, the Aborigines of Australia with a vivid scene of the city is now almost gone. On the one hand their number has declined due to disease and alcohol, brought by white people on the continent. The ancestors of Australian Aborigines arrived in Australia on a raft for another 40 000 years ago, and for a long time, they were the masters of the continent's native! Currently, the aborigines of Australia have all the rights and freedoms when it away from them.
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