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Abkhazia Part 6 - Mountain Mamdzyshha

Video in Abkhazia - a very beautiful and rough country, which is located between Russia and Georgia.
Amazing Mountain Mamdzyshha, September - October 2009.

Abkhaz mountain Mamdzyshha located 6 kilometers from the city of Gagra. Height is 1873 meters above sea level, in addition to the range of the same name adjacent Mamdzyshha. It is on this ridge can go down to the well-known far beyond the borders of Abkhazia Blue Lake.

In the early twentieth century to the top of the mountain Mamdzyshha road was built, designed by IM Maruashvili - it is a winding serpentine in length, more than thirty miles. Under Soviet rule the road up the mountain is almost completely covered with asphalt. At the top Mamzyshhi supposed to create a ski resort with hotels and the cable car to the top. Along the road are installed viewing platforms located at different heights. In clear weather from the top of the hill offers a magnificent view of the city and the city Pitsunda Gagra. Also at the top you can see and Mamdzyshhi Abkhazian settlement Alahadzy.

From the top you can see how glaciers are melting mountain Arabica, as the waters of the river Bzyb tend to the Black Sea and as the Colchis Lowland bloom beautiful gardens. In the Georgian-Abkhaz war on Mount Mamdzyshha fierce battles, and this is not surprising, as the mountain is of strategic importance for the whole of Abkhazia. It is along Mamdzyshhi pass all the main roads that connect Abkhazia with Russia.

Mamdzyshha almost all, except the top of the mountain is covered with impenetrable thickets of trees. At the top Mamdzyshhi blowing pretty strong wind, and only the grass grow here. Eight months of the year Mamdzyshhi peak covered with snow. In the remainder of the year held on the mountain climbing, as in jeeps and on horseback, and in addition, you can go down with Mamdzyshhi paragliding. Climb the mountain takes about a few hours, while the downhill is about 30 minutes.
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