Friday, October 5, 2012

Abkhazia part 5 - Pitsunda

Pitsunda located on a sandy promontory near the mouth of the river Bzyb. This cape is a marine terrace formed by redeposition of sea debris Submitted Bzyb waters.
With a history of Cape Pitsunda relates an interesting legend that one day, when enemies besieged Pitsunda, all male soldiers were killed in a battle. Women, children and old men had taken refuge in the tower, located in the center of the settlement. Enemies burned all the houses and asked them to surrender, but the brave men refused. In the besieged people out of stock, and water, to pump water from Bzyb, was blocked.
Then gathered in the council of elders, and decided to choose death - slavery. Mother, with her children, threw spears at enemies, surrounding the tower, but suddenly, a flock of huge mountain eagles came down from the clouds. The birds took up the children, women and old people and carried away into the mountains. Then salvaged eagles residents returned to Pitsunda, where the ashes of the old life again revived.
Abkhazia with the rest of Colchis - the center of Christianity on the Black Sea coast. Pitsundsky ancient temple built in the X century, stands out for its powerful shapes and sizes. He belongs to the best monuments of Abkhazia medieval architecture. The building has excellent acoustic properties, opening here organ hall. In the old days, the church was near Pitsunda sacred oak. Going camping, tribal chiefs under his shadow took an oath of allegiance, and returning with the victory, sacrificed weapons.
At Cape Pitsunda is one of the best beaches on the coast, and a small resort, a seven-fourteen-resorts and hotels. Coast Pitsunda is away from the traffic. There is always quiet, clean air, filled with aroma of pine trees. On Pitsunda surprising blue and clear water. This phenomenon is easy to explain - in Pitsunda Gagra and some sand, and immediately begin deep water, and the river to the sea Bzyb makes a tiny amount of silt, thus greater water clarity. In such water absorbed longwave spectrum of color, it is red, yellow and green, and a short-wave - blue, indigo, violet - repeatedly reflected and give the water a blue or bright blue. Therefore, in most Gagra Pitsunda and blue water of the Black Sea coast.
One of the main attractions of the resort Pitsunda - pine forest, located directly on the Black Sea. Pine on ancient Greek sounds like "Pitius" hence the name Cape Pitsunda. In the past, this area was called Abkhaz Ldzaa. In ancient times it was considered sacred, and next to it was a sanctuary Ldzaa-nyha. Groves with old trees still exist in other areas of Abkhazia. It is the largest array dlinnohvoynoy relic pine.
Grove stretches along the coast to the four (4) kilometers. In Pitsunda grove dominated by pine, mean age 80 (eighty) years of age, the age of individual trees is 200 (two hundred) years. Famous Pitsunda and thickets of evergreen boxwood. According to some reports, some details of the internal lining of the French Notre Dame, were made of boxwood Abkhazia. Fresh air, rich aroma of pine, sandy beaches - all this attracts tourists to Pitsunda.
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