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Abkhazia Part 2 - Lake Riza

Abkhazia - which means "country of the soul" - is located in the north-east coast of the Caucasus. It stretches along the coast of the Black Sea by 240 (two hundred and forty) miles, and lives here today 214 (two hundred and fourteen) thousand. In Abkhazia, a lot of sunny days - 365 days a year for more than 300 (three hundred) days on the coast the sun shines brightly. Do not go outside of Abkhazia can visit the areas most diverse climate.
Lake Riza - where we're going - is located at 950 (nine hundred and fifty) meters above the black sea of ​​virgin forests and cliffs of the western spurs of the main Caucasus ridge. The road to the lake passes through the Three Gorges: Bzyb, Gekskoe and Yupsharskih. At the entrance to the gorge is Bzybsky Kaldahvarsky grotto, which is found in the depths of ancient man. The river Bzyb 112 (one hundred twelve) miles, it is not suitable for navigation. Here, in a lot of trout and Black Sea salmon.
At eight miles of the road to the lake Riza, on the right bank of the river Bzyb is "Blue Lake" karst origin. The appearance of the blue lake is associated with an interesting legend: the mistress of water, beautiful Dzydzlan, lived in the halls of the rich deep water. Mistress of the water had a magic mirror, which reflects what is happening in the world. Often fall in love in the most beautiful Dzydzlan men, lured them into their underwater palaces, and then let go with rich gifts. Once there was a light on a very lazy shepherd also quite ugly. Tending the flock on the hillside Mamdzyshha. He had heard that live here are very beautiful and he wanted to see her. Since the shepherd did not see his ugliness, he hoped that his love Dzydzlan. He began to retire often to a green meadow on the banks of a clear stream. Here, in the shadow of box he fell asleep, hoping Dzydzlan come to him sooner. Belle learned that the clearing is often a man, curiosity got the better, and she decided to go and see who so earnestly seeking her attention. But when she went to the sleeping shepherd and saw his deformity, much furious Beauty - grabbed the sleepy lazy, and threw to the ground. The blow was so strong that the ceiling of the cave was under the lawn, could not stand, and collapsed, and eventually established here a large lake, which for its distinctive blue color was called.
The water temperature in the lake does not exceed the mark of seven degrees, even in the hottest weather. Wildlife in the Blue Lake is not, it does not grow plankton. The lake is fed by underground springs and rivers formed by the melting snow. The lake 180 (one hundred eighty) square meters, the depth reaches 76 (seventy-six) meters. The lake bottom is covered with deposits of lapis lazuli, and the water is clear, so the color of the lake does not change, so blue, even in the most inclement weather.
At the confluence of the rivers and Bzyb Gega is Gegsky gorge, surrounded on two sides by mountains. This is the most amazing part of the road, the mountains are on all sides, and it seems that the road is no more, but a kilometer and they step aside, freezing guards on both sides of the highway. Scenic Yupsharsky has a length of eight (8) kilometers of this karstic - work Yupshara powerful rivers for thousands of years. And here, among the majestic cliffs, once convinced of how irresistible desire for life in all living things: on steep slopes Yupsharskih walls, on bare rock and grow powerful boxwood yew trees.
On the way to the lake Riza are two magnificent waterfalls: men's and girl's tears. One legend states that these waterfalls are unusual, and the water there is also an unusual, cold and clear as a tear. When you stand still falls a single house, and lived there the family of shepherds. Old daughter was with - a beautiful young girl - she herded goats and often went with them to the mountains. There she took a fancy to the spirit of the mountain, and they fell in love. Learned this evil jealous witch, and angry, "we can not allow the death of the immortal love." And I decided to destroy wicked fairy girl, as she was powerless to deal with the mountain spirit. One girl came with the herd to the edge, grabbed her evil sorceress, she begged for mercy, but was relentless witch. She threw the girl on the sharp rocks, and from the eyes of beauty burst into tears, and her voice rang through the gorges and steeper, "Let me die, but otolyutsya you my tears, and a thousand years, and two, they will flow from a mountain ledge. And you will have no peace forever, for the destruction of human love. " Since then, the tears flow like waterfalls formed by melt water from the Alpine meadows.
Finally, passing the mark of 1,000 (one thousand) feet above sea level, the road descends to the lake Riza. This lake is the most famous and beautiful on the coast of the Caucasus. Ritz is located in the fantastic beauty of the place at 950 (nine hundred and fifty) meters above sea level. Turquoise-blue lake, like a giant bowl lies in the ring of mountains covered with pine forest. The lake is fed by the River Lashpsa. There is abundant trout, length of 2430 (two thousand four hundred thirty) meters long and 870 (eight hundred and seventy) meters. Depth 130 (one hundred thirty) meters, the water temperature in summer reaches +22 (plus twenty two) degrees of heat, and precipitation falls here more often than on the coast.
There are many legends about the lake is composed of Abkhaz Ritz, and that's one of them: once in the mountains of Abkhazia, on the spot where now lies Lake Riza, a valley through which flows the river is wide and smooth. She was carrying its waters to the sea was so calm that even a child could swim in it without fear. On the banks of the river lie the lush pastures that are grazed Riza young girl, she was very beautiful. In Ritsa had three brothers, Sr. - Agepsta, average - Atsetuk and younger - Pshegishha. Brothers all day wandering in the mountains and hunted swift gazelles. In the evening they returned to the Ritz, sat around the campfire and singing songs, while Riza grilled meat. Mountains listened to these songs and fell asleep, wrap themselves in thick fog. One day the brothers said goodbye to my sister, and went deep into the mountains of prey.
Went on a hot day, the mountains were painted purple, and his brothers did not return. Riza had been waiting them, then gathered a flock by the river and without lighting a fire, lay down on the beach. She stared at the first stars, joy filled heart Ritsa, and she began to sing. Ritsa voice flowed so smoothly and beautifully, was full of the charm that the night birds stopped overlap and streams have stopped the race, all of nature to the voice Ritsa. Heard this song two robbers, brothers and Gego Yupshara. Whipped the horse Yupshara, and rushed in the direction from which the voice Ritsa. He saw a girl lying on the river bank, have never met he was beautiful, and ferocious passion exploded in his evil heart. He rushed to the Ritz and took her in his arms. Riza began to call for help and quivered in his hands. I saw a mountain falcon, flew to his brothers and told them that her sister's face. They rushed headlong hoping to rescue his sister, but it was too late.
Yupshara Ritsu did not issue from the arms, then raised his Pshegishha giant shield and threw it at the rapist, but missed. Shield fell across the river and dams for the water rushed ashore and Ritz saw that her legs spreads huge lake. Longing filled her heart, she could not bring shame, sorrow screamed and threw herself into the lake. Yupshara felt the icy touch and turned to flee, but the brothers caught him and threw him into the lake, but the water is boiling, throw Yupshara through the shield, and rapidly into the sea. Yupshara vainly clinging to the bushes, pulling them back, I could not save him and Gego, run with him on the beach. And both of them were fast mountain rivers. And three brothers covered petrified with grief, and turned into the high mountains. Are they still on the clear, deep waters of the lake guarding the peace Ritsa beauties.
On the shore of the lake is the restaurant Patsha recreating the look and interior of the Abkhazian national home. In the center of the house is an open hearth to cook national dishes. On the walls hang the skins of animals: bears, foxes, wolves, badgers, wild boars, gazelles, which are found in abundance in these forests.
Riza lake in the summer heat - an oasis, where detached from the city, you can immerse yourself in the pristine natural world, and have a good rest.
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