Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ukraine Part 15 - Rest in Alupka!

A selection of amazing photos Alupka - resort on the South Coast of the Crimea
The spa town of Alupka
Alupka is considered as one of the best places to stay on the southern coast, and one of the best resorts. Be sure to take the time to come to this beautiful beautiful place! In Alupka you will find great Vorontsov Palace, which is considered a symbol of the resort city. Here you can enjoy the view and the regal Mount Ai-Petri, majestically climbs to the very sky, and the evergreen cypress trees, which descend along the terraces to the sea! Alupka - a whole life, Alupka - it's like a sweet awakening from a dream with the first rays of the sun and enjoying the beauty and the upcoming walk.
Oh, Alupka, you calm and majestic, beautiful and gorgeous, compelling and beautiful in any place, no matter where you are and no matter where you were walking - you truly feel relaxed from the city, rest and peace of mind!
In Alupka not just beautiful - is a unique healing climate and wonderful nature, the cool quiet beautiful parks, majestic royal gardens, pristine pebble beaches and amazingly clear waters, but that the more valuable of all is the unique atmosphere of tranquility and beauty. In Alupka you really feel that this relaxation in the heart of the Crimea - in his South Beach!
By right of the main attraction is in Alupka Vorontsov Palace, built and owned by Vorontsov - is an amazing unique monument of palace architecture. Palace surrounds a spacious old park, which along with the picturesque, next grow, plants and very well organically combines the architectural features of the palace: the ponds, fountains, stairs, cascades. According to the amazing beauty and grandeur of the landscape - Park Vorontsov is considered the best on the South Coast of Crimea.
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