Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ukraine Part 12 - Vorontsov Alupka Park

Vorontsov Park and the Black Sea in Alupka. Crimea, Ukraine.
Filming Alupka Park in 2011. Video in HD-quality.
Nature Resort Alupka
In Alupka unique beautiful nature, rich in volatile production of healthy air, mild subtropical climate. It is no accident that it is here - in Alupka - is a set of TB sanatoria. Alupka is indeed a kind of island paradise of calm, compared with the bustle Yalta, here - in Alupka - you will find tranquility, peace and quiet parks, can leisurely stroll along the sea or the clearing of the world famous Alupkniskogo Park. Here is incredible unique atmosphere of grandeur of nature and life!
Alupka Park
At that time, as the Vorontsov Palace is a great place to educate and excursions, at the same time, spread out around the Palace Vorontsov Park is just a favorite place for relaxation and outdoor activities. It loves to relax and walk everyone who has ever come to Alupka! Spatial composition of the park is designed in such a way that has a logical connection to the light.
Alushta Park defeated in landscape style, which surprisingly adds that created by nature itself. The park is from the nineteenth century created a unique system of internal waterfalls and lakes, roads and fields. Must be noted that even for the black soil of the park as delivered from the Ukraine, and with the Ai-Petri plateau. It was only as a result of a tremendous effort was finally established a park of more than forty hectare! Park just hit an amazing variety of exotic plant species.
Upper Park consists mainly of ponds and stone chaos and quite rare and exotic trees. In contrast to the top of the park, the park is divided into lower-style palace gardens of the Renaissance.
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