Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ukraine Part 11 - Streets of Alupka

Small amateur video of the city of Alupka. Shooting in July 2011.
Streets of Alupka
The resort area of ​​Alupka part of the so-called Big Yalta, and is less than twenty kilometers from most of Yalta. Alupka resort has managed to retain all the features inherent in the mountain settlement. Alupka stretches along the Black Sea more than four kilometers, and if you look at the city from the sea, then we will open an amazing and unique view. These majestic landscapes created by nature, and admirably complemented by man.
The coastal part of Alupka - a remarkably complete composition of the rocks protruding from the water, and picturesque bays. Looking up just above this wonderful landscape, you will see Alupka Park, which does not change, but the nature of the supplements. Park is divided in an interesting landscape style, and the southern facade of the Palace of Count Vorontsov stands directly over the park! This amazing palace - an architectural monument of the Romantic era, made in eastern style. Fully with all Alupka sea looks like a kind of giant staircase that rises to the majestic Cascade mountain Ai-Petri!
Most residential areas Alupka focused only on the five streets that radiate from the main square of the city. Here we are, and almost all urban facilities, numerous resorts, motels and hotels. Also in Alupka many places and for those wishing to relax in the private sector.
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