Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bulgaria part 9 - Twenty-four wonders of Bulgaria

Let this video made us think for a moment, let us realize that everything depends on us, let us give an example of people who do not care!


"24 Hours" began on 31 December 2005 its initiative "24 Wonders of Bulgaria", provoked by the Swiss project for the 7 Wonders of the World. The idea of ​​the writer, producer and curator of exhibitions Bernard Weber we liked, but we were very surprised by the absence of Bulgarian proposed site to be evaluated by a jury headed by former UNESCO Director-General Federico Mayor.

We launched a survey among Bulgarian historians and archaeologists who had his explanation of the situation with our unique historical sites - they are truly world class, but are unknown not only to the world but to themselves Bulgarians. He took the second step - Patriotic survey of readers of "24 hours" to collect the best ideas for "Bulgarian miracles."

Even during the survey and accompanying publications had effect - Archaeologist Dr. Georgi Kitov, the very talk of things that our country is proud of tourists will increase these objects.

In late February, interim results indicated no 24 and 198 Bulgarian wonders. In the top three were the Madara Rider, the Rila Monastery, Perperikon.

In April we presented our project to the tourism fair in Veliko Tarnovo and received the support of the STA. The idea of ​​Mr. Mario Al Jebouri was to create a working group to develop a strategy for its implementation.

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