Friday, September 7, 2012

Belarus part 10 - Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress in Belarus
Attention! This is Moscow! Soviet Government Statement.
Citizens and citizens of the Soviet Union. Today, June 22, at 4:00 am, without a declaration of war, German troops attacked our country, attacked our borders in many places and bombed cities of Zhitomir, Kiev, Sevastopol, Kaunas and other ...
Brest Fortress, Belarus.
Brest Fortress, formerly known as Brest-Litovsk Fortress (the Polish name of the city was Brześć Litewski), is a 19th century Russian fortress in Brest, Belarus. It is one of the most important Soviet World War II war monuments commemorating the Soviet resistance against the German invasion on June 22, 1941 (Operation Barbarossa). Following the war, in 1965 the title Hero-Fortress was given to the Fortress to commemorate the heroic defence of the frontier stronghold during the very first weeks of the German-Soviet War. It was then part of the Byelorussian SSR. The title Hero-Fortress corresponds to the title Hero City, that was awarded to an eventual total of twelve Soviet cities.
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