Friday, September 14, 2012

Barbados part 1 - Video tour of Barbados

Video tour of Barbados - Barbados Tourism Commercial
Barbados' literacy rate is ranked close to 100%, with both UNESCO and the Minister of Education stating that Barbados was in the top 5 countries worldwide for literacy rate. Thus placing the country alongside many of the industrialised nations of the world. The mainstream public education system of Barbados is fashioned after the British model. 

The government of Barbados spends 6.7% of the GDP on education (2008). All young people in the country must attend school until age 16. Barbados has over 70 primary schools, and over 20 secondary schools throughout the island. There are also a number of private schools catering to various teaching models including Montessori and International Baccalaureate. Degree level education in the country is provided by the Barbados Community College, the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, and a local Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies.

Amputations which I think you chew, girl tropical, they all have beaches and lush landscapes and colorful houses tended by friendly people. So they are all pretty much the same exactly but this one. But the first things a little differently uh… Offers and unique fusion of African in british cultures island hasn’t been a margin of supersized commercialized way from even been Caribbean anymore.

An island that puts it’s magnificently jagged cliffs against whatever the Atlanta braves and yet caresses the Caribbean with beaches than young people an island reaches passed all of your stress. Pickets inside of you an issue which that there is still one absolutely authentic Caribbean experience remain to be held on this planet. Barbados this violent has powers mystical or historic for at least for centuries. Green monkeys and flying fish, people with laughter innocence. 

Tricare and prestige natural beauty. This is not true average meal dr indication. Not quite long stretch of beach which is why this most perfect island may not be prepared for everyone. But at least in most of the Caribbean. No fast food conglomerates, promise keepers want pictures. Smart who hopes he’ll hotels with warm and welcoming aviation hospitality. Vacation days and nights wrap you up sights and sounds of tastes and feelings. Hard to describe, impossible versus destination, individual interpreters. It was designed by mother nature. 

Market and a whole heartedly island for people who have burning desire. Take a vacation, get it back, so you can choose from hundreds of could be unlikely destinations on this picture. For the last week what on earth elasticity critics periods.
Barbados – the last authentic Caribbean experience.
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