Friday, September 14, 2012

Bahamas part 2 - Diving with dolphins in the Bahamas

Diving with dolphins in the Bahamas - DOLPHIN Bubbles, Rings & Sonar - Swimming with Free Dolphins!

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Join our wild dolphin trips! Most everybody dreams of swimming with dolphins. We bring those dreams to life.

Benefits of swimming with the wild dolphins include:

A deep experience of Peace -
A powerful sense of Belonging --
An exuberant experience of Joy --

We lead custom trips for private groups and families to swim with wild dolphins in their home, on their terms. Swimming with dolphins a profoundly joyous, life-changing experience...

Its an encounter you'll remember the rest of your life!
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Joe Noonan has been leading trips swimming with wild dolphins and whales for the past sixteen years. A former healer, therapist, corporate consultant and wilderness guide, Joe leads his trips with much playfulness and joy.

He is called 'The Dolphin Whisperer' for his love of the dolphins and how they respond to him. He replies that we are all dolphin whisperers, for the ability to speak the universal language of the heart is within us all.

Joe is an optimistic advocate for dolphins and whales and has traveled internationally on their behalf. In 2008 he was given the name Nimbeesh, aka 'Merman', by a group of Native Elders in recognition of his work.

An Author, Shamanic Guide and Global Speaker, Joe Noonan travels internationally, speaking on Humanity's evolving relationship to the Divine & Nature. He's been a guest on Oprah, FOX TV and National Geographic.

Join us for a trip swimming with the wild dolphins. It will change your life!

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