Sunday, September 30, 2012

Azerbaijan Part 8 - Baku Flame Towers

Flaming towers or Flame Towers - the three high-rise buildings including a hotel, apartments and offices, which will be the highest buildings in the whole of Azerbaijan!
Flame Towers or flame tower is the tallest building in Azerbaijan, they launched a full-scale building of Greater Baku! Flaming Tower - it's not just three high-rise office buildings, they also include a hotel and residential apartments. Gross building area is more than 227 thousand square meters.
Flaming Towers construction began in October 2007, and was carried out by the Turkish-Azerbaijani «DIA Holding». Originally planned to finish the construction of buildings by December 2010, but due to a variety of causes and conditions, the completion was postponed. According to representatives of the construction company, complete this monumental construction will only be possible in 2012.
In name and shape of the flame towers resemble arms of Baku, which also shows the three flames. Construction of the buildings covered in the program «The huge building» (Build It Bigger) on Discovery Channel (Discovery) and the Science Channel. Flame Towers also feature prominently on postcards and stamps of Azerbaijan.
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