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Azerbaijan part 3 - Folk dances of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's national dance!
Azerbaijan's national dance - it is a very ancient and beautiful art of dance of the Azerbaijani people. Music size Azerbaijani folk dances - 6/8 and 3/4. In nature and the rhythm of Azerbaijani folk dances are divided into smooth and lively dances. Dancing has its characteristic pattern, which is determined by their rhythmic construction. Basically, Azerbaijani dance consists of three parts: the first part of the dance is in the circle, the second part of the dance - this lyrical freezing in place (so called "syuzma"), and the third part of the dance consists of re walking in a circle, but more confidently, quickly and solemnly! Many Azerbaijani dances, especially the oldest, are the names of animals or plants, "lale" (Poppy Field), "gazelles" (gazelle), "benevshe" (violet), "innabi" (the fruit of the fruit), and many others. Virtually all Azerbaijani dances are solo.
History of Azerbaijani folk dances
The origin and formation of Azerbaijan dance was fast - it's a long and ancient art, in every period of history which continues to include new elements. It should be noted that the mass ritual dance, was common among the people of Azerbaijan, until recently, these dances are such as "spit-spit", "year-year", "Khidir Ilyas" and many others. These dances are ancient folk dances. Many types of folk dances of Azerbaijan emerged from these ritual dances. Even in medieval times, these dances were already present, and in the court of the rulers of Azerbaijan is the whole dance ensembles, famous for his great skill.
Azerbaijani dances during the Soviet period
With the advent of Soviet power in 1920 Azerbaijani folk dances, strange as it may overflow with new content. It is not difficult to guess that the content reflects the ideology career of the new Soviet man. There are, for example, such dances as "fruitful dance", "dance cotton", "dance of fishermen," and many other dances. Old ladies dancing, of course, also survived, such as "Mirzaei," "uzundara", but with preservation of the old heritage and created a new one.
Azerbaijani dance troupes performed during the Soviet period with a diverse repertoire. Most were dancing with a repertoire of ancient and modern dances. Among the leading artists of the XX century dances include artists such as: Dilbazi Amin, A. Abdullaev, B. Mamedov, R. Jalilov and many others.
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