Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aruba part 2 - Diving on Aruba

Aruba Dive - Diving off Aruba on the wrecks of the Antila and Peter Nalis.

Penetrating the impressive hull of an underwater wreck often means coming across a school of anchovies or a watchful snapper hiding in the corner. Often it is enough to enjoy the play of light as it too finds its way into the wreck, reflecting off the bubbles emitted by your dive buddy.

Aruba earns its reputation as the wreck dive destination of the Caribbean with over half a dozen wrecks submerged in its waters. The Antilla, a German freighter -- which at close to 400 feet long, is also the Caribbean's largest wreck -- is by far the favorite, even among longtime, resident divers, who always seem to find something new at the site.

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