Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Andorra Part 4 - Snowy Arinsal

Andorra, Arinsal snowy
(Shooting video from 03/01/2008)
Arinsal immediately win the heart of any person who has visited here. In Arinsal felt some unique architecture and style of the town. Arinsal - is a small ski village in Andorra, located at an altitude of 2560 meters above sea level. It should be noted that all the buildings of the old town made entirely of natural materials. Our houses Arinsal used local stone and slate.
The town is located just nine kilometers from Andorra la Vella - the capital - and is located at the edge of the mountain slope. Just step out of the hotel room and you will find yourself at the edge of a ski slope! This is very convenient since do not need to go anywhere or get - everything is just a few steps away. All highways are also Arinsal, just a five minute walk. Already from the windows of the hotel you can enjoy unforgettable views of mountain peaks, greet the dawn of the sun or watch the sunset it! Very romantic gorgeous Arinsal ...
Arinsal ski resort
In Arinsal built very comfortable cable car, on which the covered trailer, you can quickly get to the other ski resorts in Andorra. Ride in a carriage by cable car will bring an unforgettable experience - you can admire the whole panoramic view of the majestic mountain ranges and peaks! The cable car, on the right is a symbol and main attraction of Arinsal. It should be noted that among the ski slopes of Arinsal lot of fairly challenging climbs, so be careful if you are a beginner.
Overall, Arinsal can be divided into two main parts: the upper areas of Arinsal designed for skiers with a proven ski slopes. Here, huge elevation changes, and the difference between the lowest and highest points in more than one kilometer! These extreme slopes are intended for professional athletes and winter sports. However, in the lower regions of Arinsal is quite possible to ride and newcomers.
Vallnord Bike Park
In summer months, the ski resort of Arinsal turns to Vallnord Bike Park (Vallnord Bike Park). This is one of the largest resorts in the whole cycle of Southern Europe! The park consists of a cross-country, and from mountain ranges. Downhill biking trails in the Park Vallnord cover a wide range of terrain and are designed for different abilities - for both beginners and professional athletes. In its complexity track divided into two easy trails for beginners, intermediate complexity - 7 tracks, and two routes are designed for climbers complicated and very difficult routes.
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