Thursday, September 27, 2012

Algeria part 4 - Views of Algeria

Nostalgia for Algeria
"Algeria" as much of this sound to the heart of tourists came together! Algeria, located in North Africa, is known primarily for its amazing sands of the Sahara - that is usually characterized by Algeria, visit its tourists. Indeed, more than 80% in Algeria took great sands of the Sahara desert, but Algeria is not only possible to see the desert, visiting the Great Eastern Erg, is located here and a lot of other attractions. By the way, almost all the territory of modern Algeria since ancient times was known as the Maghreb.
Industry in Algeria
Despite the fact that the official national language of Algeria is Arabic, the country is well distributed and French - a legacy of the former colonial past of the country. Algeria is not only a tourist country, but also an industrial-agrarian country. The leading economic sectors in Algeria: oil and gas, mining, metallurgy, oil refining industry. Developed in Algeria and engineering. In addition, the country has: chemical, electrical, food, light and many other kinds of industrial production. Of agriculture leading role in the economy of Algeria involved in agriculture.
Attractions Algeria
Algeria is the second largest country in Africa, so there is a splendid heritage of Phoenician and Roman eras, the legacy of the Carthaginians and Byzantines! Incidentally, Algeria is home to the indigenous population of North Africa - the Berber tribe. Unfortunately, a lot of civil conflict in the country and on the borders of Algeria, periodic abductions of foreigners led to the fact that for several decades Algeria unjustly deprived tourists. Meanwhile, neighbors Algeria quite well thrive tourism sector development - is, for example, countries such as Morocco and Tunisia. But Algeria is a fantastic landscape splendor compared to these countries! Here you can enjoy not only the unique creations of nature, but also magnificent architecture - the creation of man.
Virtually all along the coast of Algeria have survived numerous ruins of ancient cities of the Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians and Byzantines! In the capital of the country - Algiers - you can see the unique mosque XVII century. This world famous mosque-tomb Abdarrahman Siddim. Widely known and the other Algerian Mosque - Mosque Jami al-Jadid. In Algeria, you can walk along the so-called "old town", but you can enjoy a stroll through the Museum of Ancient History and Antiquities.
In the city of Oran, there are so-called Great Mosque of XVII century, here is amazing and the Citadel, built in the XVIII century. In Algeria, thousands of miles of sand, excellent in quality, beaches! On these beaches are constantly bathed and leisure travelers, as well as many local residents. Algeria's main national holiday is November 1st - Revolution Day.
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