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Albania part 5 - Tour of Tirana and Durres

Tirana, Albania - Durres, Albania
Journey to the Albanian capital, Tirana, by car and on foot. Are you going out of the capital of Albania - Tirana - to the beach resort town of Durres.
Industrial Durres
Despite the fact that the city of Durres is by the sea and is a resort, it is the city's main train Albania and one of its industrial centers! Even during the communist rule in the days of Enver Hoxha, Durres in a short time has been substantially rebuilt and reconstructed. The city housed heavy industry in Albania, and in 1947, it was running rail (the first time in the history of Albania). Under Soviet rule in Durres was rebuilt and greatly enlarged Seaport.
Until Durres is easy to reach by train. Rail service connects the cities of Albania, as Tirana, Durres, Pogradec, Shkodra, Vlora and some other cities. Moreover, if the capital of Albania in Durres you head, then you're lucky a lot more - that in this area the most crowded trains. Between Tirana and Durres runs six trains a day from early morning to late evening. You can get to Durres and the machine - the city is only thirty-three miles west of Tirana.
Modern Durres
The modern city of Durres, already at the exit of the station, a little reminiscent of the communist past of the country. Immediately apparent, newly built modern buildings, new hotels and places to rest. In the city there is also a street Skanderbeg - Albanian national hero, after whom is named the biggest central square of the capital - Tirana. However, after Skanderbeg named many of the streets in cities throughout Albania.
If you walk down the street Skanderbeg further down - to the sea - then walking along the palm, you will get to the resort, which is why it was chosen as the Europeans. Here is a very ancient wall, behind which there is a Roman amphitheater. Angular well preserved ancient tower, and now look at the background oddly modern buildings.
Although the resort of Durres and considered, but beyond simply lying on the beach here, there are many historical sites. Durres is the largest Roman amphitheater in the Balkans. Local Roman amphitheater only partially excavated, but it will not prevent you enjoy the magnificent views. Near the amphitheater fantastically settled homes.
Durres embankment covered with tiles, and reminds the yard or playground, surrounded by hotels.
Ancient Durres
The ancient city of Durres was founded by the Greeks in 627 BC. It survived numerous Roman ruins and fortifications. For centuries Durres was the largest port city in the Adriatic! Only after the capture of the Ottoman Empire, he gradually began to lose its commercial value.
Attractions in Durres
In the town are the ruins of a Byzantine and Venetian fortresses. For example, here is the world famous "Venetian Tower" in the harbor. Walking along the main road as you can see the medieval city wall, which leads to the amphitheater. Amphitheater dated I - II centuries AD. On the territory of the amphitheater discovered Christian crypt with a beautiful region with mosaics. Despite the past century, the amphitheater itself and today looks quite impressive. The amphitheater is considered the hallmark of the city of Durres! He stands majestically on a sunny hillside in the ancient city walls.
In most cases, the tour begins with Durrës Archaeological Museum. Archaeological Museum, located near the port, and leaves its walls to the embankment. On the opposite side of the Archaeological Museum you can see the ancient Byzantine city walls. The walls were built around the VI century after the invasion of the Visigoths to these lands. Strong defensive walls were reinforced circular Venetian towers built later - in the XIV century.
In Durres can see the old palace of King Ahmet Zog. Ahmet Zog Palace is located in the west, as it were from the Roman Amphitheatre. Before the entrance to the Palace statue of the Liberator of Albania - the legendary founder of the country Skanderbeg.
In Durres can see and Roman baths, which are located behind the theater Alexander Moses in the central square of the city. However, if you are in Durres just for a beach holiday, and not for the interest, it is located close to the popular seaside resort of Durres-Plage.
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