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Albania Part 2 - Beauty of Albania

Beauty of Albania
Albania - a country of great natural beauty, which include the "white" sandy Mediterranean beaches, rocky mountains, fertile plains, lakes, startling protected natural monuments in remote areas of the country. Albania is visited by about 400,000 tourists a year, and that number is growing every year by more than 15%! Tourism in Albania, unfortunately, is still in its infancy because the former communist regime did not allow the development of the tourism industry to become a full part of the economy. Groups of Western tourists were allowed to visit the country for the first time only in 1980.
Albania - a small European country, located in the south-western part of the Balkan Peninsula. Please note that the Albanians call their country - skipper (Shqipëria). Perhaps it is due to the self-bird of this land - the eagle, which is considered a symbol of Skipper (Albania). Eagle even on a flag of the country, paying tribute to him. Albania borders with Montenegro and Kosovo, as well as Macedonia and Greece. November 28 all Albania celebrates the holiday "Day of Independence of Albania!" Celebrations in honor of Independence Day are not only in the country but also in the many diplomatic missions in other countries.
Majestic mountains rise around the country, but in the coastal strip in the main field. A third of Albania's borders the Adriatic and Ionian seas, and behind them is Italy - Albania's neighboring countries - the people who live there, anciently considered Albanians are very lazy. On the coast of the Ionian Sea islands are large fragments, which in itself is very beautiful and remarkable, they can be taken in a matter of hours.
Albanians apparently got its name from the tribe of Albania, and have, at least, ancient history. Monuments of culture and architecture in Albania, with its ancient history and diversity, dated both before and after the birth of Christ! Here you can see the majestic amphitheater, columns, mosaics, as well as objects of worship and, therefore, a variety of signs, albums, and items of various states that existed on this earth. Many people at different times lived on the territory of Albania.
In the city of Butrint (Butrinti) amazing archaeological sites have been discovered and preserved. The most prolific they attract tourists from all over the world for many years. Here is a mosaic, which is covered with small, do right out of the sand and designs! This and many other findings were discovered not long ago, as the Albanian archaeologists and archaeologists from other countries. In Albania, you can enjoy a few hours or a few centuries, and even millennia!
Castles in Albania
The Middle Ages were originally known as the period of protracted wars in Europe, with divisions and associations. Even in the famous Shakespeare, mentions some of the castles Albania!
A large number of unique and amazing Albanian Castles - part history of these places. There is hardly a single city in Albania without their own citadel, without his own castle. Here many castles, such as: Petrella (Petrelë), Castle Bashtova (Bashtovë), Shkoder (Shkodër), Castle Durrës (Durrës) and many other castles, which are mainly on the coast or in the mountains, where there is a huge number of other attractions.
Long time Kruja Castle (Kruje) was an entire metropolis, it is rather an entire fortress, than the castle! It is a place of legend. It created numerous armies that invaded various times in Europe.
In the town of Gjirokastra (Gjirokastër), located in the south of Albania, a wonderful castle of the same name with its own unique history and architecture.
Resort towns in Albania
Far to the south of the city Lushnja (Lushnjë), the former capital of Albania, Saranda is (Sarandë) known in the upper part of the country as the "capital" of coastal tourism. Come to this resort but not the biggest crowds, but quite a lot of travelers and tourists know about it. Saranda is considered the southern gateway to Albania! It is close to Saranda and the ancient city of Butrint is, which we have already spoken. Numerous holy sites are located near the coast of Saranda, mostly in the nearby villages and towns.
In the city of Himara (Himarë) you can see the majestic mountains, and next to it, you can visit the small and beautiful resort town Dhermi (Dhërmi). The dermis wilderness and rare beauty. Here the original rocky shore and fresh forests, and the noise of the waves, and pristine beaches.
Pogradec area (Pogradec), whose name was taken from the name of the town of Pogradec, located at an amazing lake, which is certainly worth a visit. Here reigns majestic nature, here there is freshness in the summer heat, there is a surprisingly tasty fish in all of Albania! Here is a rare unforgettable sky and fresh air.
Korca - City-Museum of Albania
A few kilometers from Pogradec, you can find many different surprises. You can visit the city and the sanctuary Korce (Korçë) - this city is known worldwide for its history and culture. In Korca can find many features of Albanian culture! Not in vain, the city is called the city of museums Korce. Here is the National Museum of Medieval Art of Albania, which has a rich archives. It contains over 6500 icons and more than 500 other interesting objects, like textiles and stone and metal.
The National Archeological Museum is also located in Korca. The first Albanian schools began here, and the House of Artists Vangusha Myo (Vangjush Mio) is located in Korca. His amazing gallery of paintings, stretched in rows along the museum writhing Albanians are very proud of their artists, famous throughout the world. Artist Vangush Mio created his work in the middle of the last century. He painted more than sixty cities, and came up with his own original style.
Another of the museum is the Museum in Korce Bratko. Worth a visit here and Oriental Museum. The city of Berat (Berat) over 2300 (two thousand three hundred) years! This ancient city is located in the center of Albania. The wealth of the city are considered to be ancient monumental museums, churches and many other monuments.
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