Thursday, August 2, 2012

Poland part 6 - City Kolobrzeg. Beach and sea.

Kolobrzeg - city, beach, sea.
Kolobrzeg (Kolberg pom. or Kolobrzeg, German Kolberg) - a town and municipality in Western Pomerania, in the county located on the Plains Kołobrzeg białogardzki Parsęta estuary to the Baltic.
The estuary is a commercial port (Polish Baltic Shipping), passenger, fishing and yachting. Seaside resort and spa - a number of sanatoria (27 spa centers with a total capacity of up to 6500) and retirement homes. The city and its surroundings are a source of mineral water (Pearl of the Baltic), brine and mud deposits. In Kolobrzeg are treated primarily upper respiratory disease and circulatory diseases, diseases of the joints, as well as metabolic disorders (diabetes). Since 1972, is one of the capitals of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg diocese of the Catholic Church.
Kolobrzeg is also a vital cultural center - since 1967 took place here Soldier Song Festival, operates Dynamic Gallery of Modern Art, held the International Folk Meetings Interfolk, in the summer many concerts of popular singers, musicians, kabarecistów. In the center of the city's sports and entertainment hall, together with the Millennium hotel and an indoor swimming pool (one of the most modern in Poland).
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