Sunday, August 5, 2012

Morocco part 1 - Meknes, Imperial City in Morocco

Meknes, Imperial City; Morocco
Moulay Ismail was one of Morocco's most tyrannical and bloody rulers. With his Black Guard, a conscripted slave army from Sudan, he was able to consolidate his power by conquering the Berber tribes in the south and pushing back the European powers rooted in the north. 

With European slaves won by conquest and by the Barbary Pirates Moulay Ismail constructed massive works including the Imperial City at Meknes He transformed a provincial agricultural town into the heart of an empire in 50 years.

Join Cara, John, and their 1 year old daughter Abigail as they explore the sites of the Imperial City by horse drawn carriage, called a caleche. They visit the granaries, royal gardens, Moulay's mausoleum, and the many gates and walls of the city.

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