Sunday, August 5, 2012

Madagascar part 3 - Island Ark Promo

Madagascar Island Ark Promo - Storyteller Media
Madagascar has some of the world's most amazing and unique animals. There are the Lemurs amazingly agile and comical primates. We see the critically endangered black and white lemur and its babies, the Aye-Aye a weird looking Gremlin like creature. We see chameleons, spiders, radiated tortoises, and the recently discovered golden bamboo lemur. All battle against the odds for survival. We also meet the amazing people who are saving them from extinction.

Madagascar snuggling off the coast of east Africa is a treasure-trove of unique wildlife, with at least 122 species under threat. We Travel to see what is being done to save some of these unique creatures before it's too late.

Storyteller produce and distribute documentaries and factual programming specialising in animals and nature; from endangered species and what's being done to save them to mysterious animal and monster stories.

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