Thursday, August 16, 2012

Iran part 5 - Be Esfahan Ro, Isfahan

Iran - Be Esfahan Ro, Isfahan

Today Esfahan, the third largest city in Iran, produces fine carpets, textiles, steel, and handicrafts. Esfahan also has nuclear experimental reactors as well as facilities for producing nuclear fuel (UCF). Esfahan has one of the largest steel-producing facilities in the entire region, as well as facilities for producing special alloys.
The cities of Khomeini-shahr, Shahin-shahr, Zarrinshahr, Mobarakeh, Qomshe, Kashan, Fouladshahr and Falavarjan constitute the metropolitan city of Esfahan. The city has an international airport and is in the final stages of constructing its first Metro line.

Over 2000 companies are working in the area using Esfahan's economic, cultural, and social potentials. Esfahan contains a major oil refinery and a large airforce base. HESA, Iran's most advanced aircraft manufacturing plant (where the IR.AN-140 aircraft is made), is located nearby.

Esfahan hosted the International Physics Olympiad in 2007.

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