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India part 4 - Incredibly Incredible India

Incredibly Incredible India - Incredible India Promo.
For those people who requested the meaning of the song.

"Sā - Ni - Dha - Pa - Pa
Dha - Pa - Ga - Sa - Ri
Sa - Sa - Ga - Pa - Dha
Dha - Pa - Ga - Ri - Ga

Sā - Ni - Dha - Pa - Pa
Dha - Pa - Ga - Sa - Ri
Sa - Sa - Dha - Pa - Dha
Dha - Pa - Ga - Sa - Sa"

"sa-ri-ga-ma-pa-dha-ni" is [somewhat] equivalent to western "do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti"

India, being the birth place of many "divine seven" concepts (like seven sages, seven virgins, 2x7 different levels of this cosmic world, seven cyclic notes of music, etc.), defines [as per Carnatic music tradition] these notes as follows:

Fixed/immovable notes (1st & 5th)
Sa (Sadjam) represents Paramāthmā, the superior being or the source of all energies
Pa (Panchamam) represents Jīvāthmā, worldly beings (to generalize, planetary beings, including humans)

Other varying/movable notes Ri (Rishabham), Ga (Gāndhāram), Ma (Madhyamam), Dha (Dhaivatam) and Ni (Nishādam) represent the five elements of the cosmos.

Clearly, Sā-Ni-Dha-Pa-Pa (the divine seven musical notes) speaks of music, melody or harmony of life.

"Athithi dévo bhava" is a part of Taittirīya (deals with 'from food to joy') Upanishad "Mãtru dévo bhava, Pitru dévo bhava, Ãchãrya dévo bhava, Athithi dévo bhava". Means Mother, Father, Guru/Teacher and Guests (athithi) are divine, should be revered as God.
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