Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guam part 2 - Unforgettable Guam

Unforgettable Guam - Guam Video in HD

I had a free day this week to test out some of my new lenses and adapters for my camera. So I went around to some parts of the island and got this footage. Some of the places were: the flea maket, gpo, tumon, east agana and adelup. I wish I could've got footage down south but this was more of a one day thing and didn't have time. It was mostly for test purposes but I put this video together with whatever I took that day. Enjoy!

Music Credits: The Fray-Syndicate

Editing Program: Sony Vegas 
no presets used, just some color correction for a "movie" look on some clips

Camera Slow motion Mode in 3 second burst at 240fps for the slow motion clips.

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