Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Georgia part 2 - Erisioni, Georgian Legend

Erisioni - Georgian Legend
Thousands years of old Georgian culture which made of its dance, music and people... This small lands of kartvelians was hardest to conquer in history and that was even mentioned in the Ottoman history books.

Cultura georgiana de los años millares vieja que hizo de su danza, música y gente.


A man singing to a girl, proposing marriage or relationship:

Girl from Shatili, with a body like reed
I'll pick you from girls like you, by a hand of young man
I'll take you from mountains of Shatili to Tusheti
With a horse flying over rocks

On the slope of Borbalo, I'll carry you with this chest
In bad weather I'll protect you with a cloak of sheep-breeder
I'll wash your eyes with a dew of the sky
I'll dress you with a dress embroidered by Pirimze

Lyrics by Zako (zako2rz).
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