Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cuba part 5 - Varadero resort

Varadero resort - 20 km of beautiful beaches!
20km of stunning, golden beaches kissing crystal clear waters set on a long, narrow peninsula on the northern coast of the island is Cuba's premier beach resort - Varadero. 

You can see why this was once a millionaires' playground for wealthy Americans. Today Varadero is still a first class resort with modern hotels, excellent facilities and a superb selection of bars and cafes, but you don't have to be one of the elite to enjoy it all. By day sample the activities, including some excellent scuba diving and snorkeling, or laze on the fine white sand listening to the gentle lapping of the sea and the sounds of the Caribbean. By night, choose from hotel cabarets with their colourful costumes, restaurants offering the best of both Cuban and international food, or nightclubs where you'll salsa into the early hours. Varadero is the heartbeat of Cuban nightlife!

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