Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colombia part 5 - San Andres Paradise

San Andres Paradise - Colombia, the only thing which you risk - is the desire to stay
San Andrés is the capital of the Colombian department of San Andrés y Providencia. It is situated at the north end of San Andrés Island. The population is considered to be about 20% Raizals and 80% mainland Colombians. The economy is mainly sustained by tourism and commercial fishing. Once a duty-free port, it still has a relatively vigorous shopping district selling various consumer goods at bargain prices, including Colombian gold and emerald jewellery, leather goods and other distinctively Colombian wares.
San Andres has become such a byword for bargain shopping in Colombia that many towns and cities have a bargain shopping area known as a San Andresito ("little San Andres").
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