Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cape Verde part 1 - Best windsurfing in Cape Verde

Best windsurfing in Cape Verde - Cabo Verde PWA Windsurf Worldcup 2007 DVD
Tonix Pictures GmbH
Lorentzendamm 16
D - 24103 Kiel
Find out all about the fantastic Cape Verde Windsurf Worldcup 2007. Purely the best 32-man wave sailing specialists were invited onto the Cape Verdean archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean 450km off the West African coast. An historic, double mast high swell and consistent trade winds set the stage for this windsurfing extravaganza. 

This DVD contains the full story and drama of the best windsurfing competition most people remember. See Kevins mind blowing aerials, eyewitness Polakow going through 6 entire Riggs during one day. Feel the adrenaline as Kauli Seadi, Josh Angulo and today's wave riding Elite face live threatening water masses and change the way we look at windsurfing today.

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