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Ukraine part 5 - Crimea, Kerch

Ukraine - Crimea, Kerch
Kerch (Ukrainian: Керч, Russian: Керчь, Crimean Tatar: Keriç, Old East Slavic: Кърчевъ, Ancient Greek: Παντικάπαιον Pantikapaion, Turkish: Kerç) is a city on the Kerch Peninsula of eastern Crimea, an important industrial, transport and tourist centre of Ukraine. Kerch, founded 2600 years ago, is considered one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine.
Ukraine, Crimea, the city of Kerch.

From Feodosia Kerch within easy reach. Overcoming 100 (one hundred) kilometers of hilly plains, mounds of semi-circles, wearing a Turkic name, both Hughes - "a hundred hills" - to meeting the entrance of the Kerch - Pantikapaion.

Imagination of the sacred territory

With Atreus argued there Pilate

And stabbed Mithridates

Among the famous antiquities Tauris, Kerch takes the place of the patriarch - its contribution is difficult to measure the overall measure, there is news of centuries than all weight and less valuable monuments of antiquity that the city for a long time in the museum space.

Kerch is nice and the special courage of the heroes who died there in the fire fighting.

Fortress Yenikale - New Castle - built by Turkey in 1703 at the narrowest place of the Strait of Kerch to the east in the direction of the crossing. The third tier of the fortress towers decorated in Turkish style, smoothly rounded dome and the base of which is probably good dissipation of tangential impacts of ammo, a powerful fortress guns easily covered with the ships in the Strait.

To the south of Kerch was recently declassified, and prepared for excursions Kerch fortress, founded as an engineer Totleben, a hero of the first defense of Sevastopol. Fortress of all hit the ground and is a different stage of military engineering. For the Russian-Turkish war of 1877 - 1878 period the fortress of Kerch was ready to fight, but the enemy did not dare to check the strength of its odinnadtsatidyuymovyh guns. Prior to the revival of the Black Sea Fleet and Sevastopol, Kerch was the sole support of strengthening the state in the Black Sea, and enjoyed the special attention of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, be planning this fortress.

Remember that the Kerch? As the blood changed the color of the Strait, as the horror of death crept into the quarry Adzhimushkaya and Eltigen - a stronghold of the landing of glory, and heroic Totleben - the fort, which has earned fame in the days of the defense. All this is a reflection of the formation history of Kerch. When you are on the edge of the known world, the boundary of the world took place, the Strait at the time called the Cimmerian bull ford - Bosporus - amid wild barbarian steppes, on the ancient shores of the Bosphorus, and took and created a magical city called Pantikapaion.

Yes, he is invisible, because the eternal

Included in the catalogs of the time

Hill of Mithridates - the emblem of Kerch

Holy and eternal Pantheon

From the top of the hill

Open gaze

And what is here now and next

And the fact that eternity is the very

Walking the streets of Kerch, now and then you lose orientation in time: ancient temple, Byzantine, and next to the present. White or gray on the time of the mound Melek-Cesme and bustle of the bus station. Certificate of Turkish dictatorship - a ruined Yenikale and fishing port, ideal inscribed in modern decoration. Such is the city on the seven winds - one of the most beautiful illustrations of the spirit of Cimmeria.

Around 1000 (thousands) of years ago the bottom fell Sivash and Azov Sea. Between them there was a narrow and long chain of rare small islands. Gradually there formed a sand bar, length of 110 (one hundred and ten) kilometers separating the Siwash of the Sea of ​​Azov - Arabatskaya arrow.

On the way to the coasts of Cimmerian

Azov replaced Hersonissos

There's lovely yellow prairie Crimean

Shines in the blue skies

Among the sand hills on the way to Arabat arrow, we are greeted by massive walls with loopholes - is Arabatskaya fortress. Even during the Bosporus kingdom in V - IV century BC, there are strong fortifications, but after so many centuries, a new fort here was great, and was named - Arabat, which is translated from the Turkish sounds like "suburb." Well-preserved three-meter thick walls, forts polygons. Before the walls - the moat for him - a tall shaft.

Azov coast of the Crimean seaside

Only the gulls circling over the water

Empty beaches smell the fresh salt

A spa is not suffering

A great place to bid farewell not to find passes everything, but together you - and eternity.

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