Saturday, July 28, 2012

Turkey part 9 - Rafting in Turkey

Water Sports - Rafting in Turkey
RAFTING in Turkey

Rafting describes as a river cross held by the boats made of rubber. This sport is completely different from the others so it doesn't require a special interest, talent and physical condition. That's why this sport is in great demand! 

Rafting is one of the outdoor activities the and it is in great demand in Turkey; and Turkey is a good chance for those who want to try rafting. The lenght, the depth and the regyme of the rivers in Turkey are so convenient for rafting that Turkey has been one of the top countries for the people like rafting. In terms of the advantages of the rivers, Turkey is the most popular country nowadays in rafting. 


Here is another river that is suitable for rafting. Melen River which is very close to Istanbul is in great demand these days. From the beginning of December till the middle of May, this is river suitable for rafting. Every weekend, you can join one of our tours in here. The difficulty degree of this river is 2-3 and you can complete the whole path in 120-150 minutes time. 

Apart from those above, the rivers in Mediterranean Region are so convenient for rafting as well.

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