Monday, July 30, 2012

Thailand part 6 - All of Everything

In Thailand, all of EVERYTHING! (Second series)
Want to Thailand
Second series
What's in Thailand?
See for yourself with us :)
- Eugene, Hello!
- Good evening, Eugene. Such a question: Thailand, two adults and a child - 11 (eleven) years. Is there any discount or not?
- Well, depends which hotel, but generally a child under thirteen (13) years of age goes.
- There is, yes, up to thirteen (13) ... Pattaya can see? There is no rain here until March, right?
- Olesya, hello!
- Olesya, I would like to consult you on rounds.
- Yes, I'm listening.
- We would like to fly, we have 4 (four) people, including about 15-ies (fifteenth) on January 10 (ten days).
- At 10 (ten) days. What direction?
- Thailand. Well, Phuket is likely.
- Daria, hello!
- Hello, anybody can talk about Thailand?
- Can communicate with me.
- So, you need Thailand.
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