Monday, July 30, 2012

Thailand part 4 - Tears for Fears in Thailand III

Sergey Shnurov in Thailand III
Tears for Fears in Thailand Part 3
Well, except that the beer ... Oh - beautiful here. If I had more free - so busy, the program take off. Time does not exist.
- Well, it's so rehearsed ... a lot - I think. Although his head so flies - not even believe it. I, too - for tourists - the show.
Thai massage is known throughout the world. On it is literally a legend, they say, this and this ... but the most common here - it's a foot massage. Such are the stores can be found here at every step. Indeed, it is difficult for tourists in the evening. I'll go and I'll massage. Come with me, no?
- And, the shoes, my mother - a woman. Boots, shoes are needed here. I forgot - massage feet ... Stockings began to fold.
I do not know - those legs so much to come. How do they smell? Legs tourist. Everyone cheers. Now going to star. All - skipping. The second - too. It tickles. Good acting in a program of travel! Would have to know - Is it useful? Something all of it climbs higher and higher. Tries. Oh, this will end badly. Cigarettes are probably already stolen ... Learn, Oksana - that's how needed! Well, that's apparently all. No, not all. So ... Yeah - realized.
Tourist - it is only a tourist when educate themselves. If he was just lying on the beach - he was resting, but if going on a trip - as I'm here now - then he is a real tourist!
- Where did this without our movie? Nowhere! And the windows - Thailand. The film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation." Sergey - too.
No matter how hard it was, after yesterday, the tourist - ie I - should be moved to observe the local flavor. Here it is - floating market, which we drove hours of six (6)!
Here it is happy - here is the sea! I flew.
That went a long-awaited rain, but still wet and terribly hot. Need something to drink. And as they say experienced tourists - eat what you know. So again we are going to buy coconuts.
- Give two coconut, no - three. It is clear ... from the refrigerator. Holy cause.
- Do you have five? Close cover - scary hit something. Yes throw shooting is - let's popey. Also, too ... just try - people.
Paradise on the River Kwai
On the River Kwai, the tourists are going to touch is not trampled by tourists to Thailand. There is a hotel, which stands on the water - you can catch fish, you can ride the raft, well, in general - a paradise on earth! Or, on the river. Exotics.
Non-Thai ... The usual hostel. "And I go, and I'm going for the fog ... a fog and the smell of taiga!". Taiga here and does not smell.
How busy tourist? He always goes away, and after that - is restored, because he is very tired. The knees do not bend much on the plane. While physical education loan. This is the show will be the central channel. They say - some erotic ... (massage).
- Well, what then eroticism? Where? In what place? Fish.
Guys, I was forced! Fu ... something hryastnulo in the spine. All of them?
- Enjoy an unforgettable! As the school gym after class. Well, wearing a school uniform - oops.
Not far from the hotel, sharpened by tourists, is the most common real life. That people make rubber. Present. Natural. And the tourists are all about relationships no no.
Although the money mainly to Thais are coming, but we can not always live for these visitors. As in the stage - their own lives they also have, of course. They're normal people, not extras for your holiday.
- So I traveled around Thailand. I looked. It was almost all tourist spots. Many here only for our brother - a tourist, but the country still lives its a normal life. The world - more than you think! That's right, brothers.
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