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Thailand part 3 - Tears for Fears in Thailand II

Sergey Shnurov in Thailand III
Tears for Fears in Thailand (Part 2)
Still, for most travelers rest - is the sea and the beach. So spending a few days in Bangkok, they move to the shoals of the coast, and we also - move.
So we got to the beach. Oh my ... these beaches Pattaya City - the most touristic place. Previously, there was an American military base, and now here are resort areas, but the sailors of old memories come here. The girls, beaches, rock 'n' roll.
I have traveled much - all the beaches of the world, like one another! Deck chairs, umbrellas, sea scooters, and of course tourists, in this case I do.
- Mister, mister. I'm going! Now let's see what's selling. What have we here? Crabs are small. What is this? Squid? This shrimp ... Here you go. All of them? Shrimp! Whether that risk - to eat? How it goes with them? God only knows. Well, I think half of the shrimp will be nothing. What do you think? A? Eat, no? Eat.
- Most gay people on the beach - is, of course, Russian tourists! Come on guys!
- "Oh cold, cold, frost is not me ..." (singing)
- No, brother, I do not have much money.
- How much you give.
- No, I have little at all. Look - here's what I have.
- One hundred and twenty, forty - is not enough.
- Well, I tell you, and say little. I'm not lying to you. Russian do not lie.
It's hot, though, that blows.
- How do you think of coconuts out there?
- I do not know ...
Do not get hurt, dear? Thank you. Oh, stuff! The thing is, almost a lemonade. Everywhere besides coconuts on the beach. What a life? Where is exotic? In general, in Pattaya, they say, is not very good beaches, but there is some kind of an island (the island of wonder), where a very pure water, and the most sophisticated tourists go there it is. Well, we will go there, as experienced by tourists. Somewhere in there.
Pattaya on the storm clouds. When we return, will likely rain. So our nightly entertainment in jeopardy. I do not like it.
On the island I wonder driven our Russian brothers - divers - they have a cutter.
Here again we have come to the beach. Ironically, tourism for me - it's always the beach. He's already sitting here.
Diving. Who invented it? Formerly there were divers - and all. Divers, you know.
Rowing crawl, and you have it like this - here is.
Every musician has to go through it. Yes, Andrei?
Nahlebalsya. Normal. Nahlebalsya. Everything I've had enough of this buzz. Bathe yourself.
Here, the sound had to be removed for reasons of censorship. Too strong feelings aroused this dive.
Cousteau team. I am a computer graphics - the most reliable form of art. Ugh.
That's dvizhuha, carefully! They're coming ... The cloud is gone, the rain did not happen. As you can see, the night life here is just simmering. More people than during the day - a very hot day.
- What kind of people here just can not be found? Of all kinds. Even there is a local Elvis Presley. Dunno what it is targeting. Pass-ka, we passed - away from sin. There are many girls and prostitution is a very well developed. But you can oboznatsya and fall in love with the boy, converted into a girl. Here's a story. Be careful, gentlemen tourists!
Thais love to eat, and eat them at every corner. We, on the roadside selling seeds, and here's the grasshoppers, cockroaches, and of all other evil spirits. There's even a skorpionchik there. Eat it - I do not want.
- Sergey, you will eat?
- Well, I can not free beer.
 - Come on, vdar. I'll even treat you.
- Entertained!
- What are you going?
- Grasshopper.
- Oh, there ran a grasshopper. Rode another grasshopper. Well, let us grasshoppers.
- The more I do not agree.
- Oh, how lovely.
- Show us, show us that cockroach.
- Do not shake you so their mother, another will enter into us!
- Yes, I will not, of course, it is, what about you? ... I Orthodox - I could not. It's you a Buddhist.
- All, take, take. I'm not going to take it.
- Let's eat.
- So what? (To taste)
- Specific. Ha-ha!
Some kind of evil. Come away from these creeps. Throw a bag - not the grass itself, and does not injure my soul.
- Began salute. Come on, show me. Bomb, bomb us.
We go to the same hot spot of the city, which is ground specifically for tourists. There's boxing and girls. What else you need a real man?
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