Monday, July 30, 2012

Thailand part 2 - Tears for Fears in Thailand

Sergey Shnurov in Thailand III
Tears for Fears in Thailand (Part 1)
There are places on the planet, which are specially designed for times of tourism, and often do not understand where Disneyland and where Potemkin village, where real life. One of such places - Thailand.
Tourists traveling to Thailand all year round, it is very mild climate and weather is always so kind - 20 degrees - 30 (twenty - thirty). For two days the tourists must spend in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.
Thais are hardly moved by foot. They travel in any way, either on a motor scooter or a car or by bus, because for them it is very hot, and we - the tourists - walking here with his two (feet). But there is almost - that I need to be over there - here there is no pedestrian crossing. What to do? I do not know. Let's go after all. Well, lomimsya? Come on!
- Well, thank God! Moved.
The fact that every tourist must do in Bangkok - is riding on katerkah. As in St. Petersburg, only mud. How much seaweed! My mother, a woman. The horror.
- Let's go!
That's somewhere in these places, if my memory serves me, and events unfolded in the film "Emmanuelle". Here it is, so to speak, touched the bottom. Monuments. This is our everything. Sexual revolution in Russia itself began with this film, and he himself had ended. A sacred place for every child adjustment!
- Well, come on. Well, basically normal life. Even the channel is possible for some local money to buy a drink. Even beer, you have it. Roadside sale, service.
- Yeah, twenty (20) local money put into the basket. Thank you.
They say that there is a place where for some reason decided to feed the fish. Now to feed, and say it here very much. It is worth a loaf of twenty (20) of local money. Not so much. A fish here is really "up-hell."
- Come on.
- Sergey, take a big bite and feed from his hand.
- No, I'm afraid of your hands.
- In-in! Look! The Devil Sea! Ha-ha-ha! The horror, the horror! How many of them! Do not Beat yourselves. Do not spray. How do they live there then? As in a communal! The main thing that they had not been caught because they are Buddhists. It's a pity they fish, and some bread to feed here - you can.
The traditional tourist program in Bangkok necessarily includes an evening stroll around the city. Children do not need to take.
Thailand, primarily known for its sex tourism, but in fact it is quite puritanical country, although there are pockets of "culture" are the place to be. For tourists there is something to do. We were promised that there will tear us literally to pieces, but something that is not observed, the only thing is outraged that we are shooting.
- Here, he found a girlfriend. Hi Oksana!
We do not like to ask, but everyone is a tourist outlet. In any country in the world and especially here. Shopping better than you can imagine - you can buy it! Crafts from around the world are collected here.
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