Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slovakia part 5 - Csorba-tó (Štrbské pleso) Húsvét

Csorba-tó (Štrbské pleso) Húsvét
Štrbské pleso is now part of the neighborhood of Štrbské Pleso (spelled with a capital P). It is on the municipal lands of the village of Štrba, after which Štrbské pleso ("Lake Štrba") is now named. The word pleso ("tarn") is applied only to mountain lakes. The locals used to call it "the puddle" or "pond" (mláka) in the past. It is the second largest glacial lake on the Slovak side of the High Tatras, after Hincovo pleso to which it loses by 0.8 acres (3,200 m2). It is fed by underground springs and has no visible outflow stream. Its surface remains frozen for around 155 days per year.
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