Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slovakia part 3 - Bratislava the capital city of Slovakia

Bratislava the capital city of Slovakia
Bratislava - historically Pressburg and Pozsony is the capital of the Slovak Republic and, with a population of about 429,000, also the country's largest city. Bratislava is in southwestern Slovakia on both banks of the Danube River. Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two independent countries.It and Vienna are also two of Europe's closest national capitals, at less than 60 kilometres apart.
Bratislava is the political, cultural and economic centre of Slovakia. It is the seat of the Slovak president, the parliament, and the executive branch of the government. It is home to several universities, museums, theatres, galleries and other important cultural and educational institutions. Many of Slovakia's large businesses and financial institutions are also headquartered in it.
The history of the city, long known by the German name Pressburg and by the Hungarian Pozsony, has been strongly influenced by people of different nations, namely by Austrians, Czechs, Germans, Hungarians, Jews and Slovaks. The city was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary under the Habsburg Monarchy[5] from 1536 to 1783, and has been home to many Slovak, Hungarian and German historical figures
Bratislava is situated in southwest Slovakia, within the Bratislava Region. Its location on the borders with Austria and Hungary makes it the only national capital that borders two countries. It is only 62 kilometres from the border with the Czech Republic and only 60 kilometres from the Austrian capital Vienna.

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