Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Serbia part 5 - Transromanica (Monasteries of Serbia)

Serbia - Transromanica (Monasteries of Serbia)
Transromanica is a European cultural tourist route, connecting the Romanesque period monuments in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, and since November 2007, in Serbia, too.

The monasteries that form part of this cultural tourist route are: 

- Zica (13th century, first Seat of Serbian Archbishoprics in 1219 - Sava Nemanjic first Serbian Archbishop crowned Stefan the First in Zica as the first King of Serbia), 

- Studenica (Founded between 1183-1196,UNESCO list since 1986, surrounded by fascinating hilly and lush forest landscape), 

- The Curch of St. Peter and Paul (It was built by the end of 10th century, its internal structure is in the form of tetraconhronos),

- Gradac (Founded in the last quarter of XIII century), 

- Djurdjevi Stupovi ( Founded in 1170, UNESCO) and 

- Sopocani (13th century, UNESCO list since 1979,Its frescoes are one of the most exquisite painting masterpieces of the European art of that period)
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